Things You Need To Know About Saudi Arabia Visa Types

With all of the changes made to visas in recent times, it is difficult for people who want to enter Saudi Arabia. In this post you will discover everything from what type of visas are required and how to get it approved coming through a port-of-entry instead of going through some other process like getting sponsorships or on guest status, with their passports being valid only while inside KSA borders, but not outside of the borders.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Business/commercial Visa

The most popular and simplest visa type to Saudi Arabia is the commercial/business visa. It permits a person, for the benefit of their business or organisation as long as they have an invitation from someone there already to do business in the country’s markets. Online applications can be submitted anytime prior to departure. But, you have to satisfy certain conditions. For example, having enough money with one firm which will transfer funds upon demand once you have arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Anyone who wishes to bring their family for an occasion must first be scanned at the door. Then the family members must sit patiently as the office conducts its business. Sometimes it can take up to 3 months. When all plans are approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices There won’t be any surprises when you distribute invitations. It will be only excitement of a special person who will join your family.

2. Visit to Work

Be aware that you will not be paid directly by Saudi hosts for the business visa. This is due to the fact that the US employer only pays one part of a business Visa. If they think this is an issue, make sure that the application for visitor authorization has been completed. However, keep in mind that it’s processing through the same process as other applications , so expect some changes in dealing with Embassy personnel.

3. Government Visa

A government-sponsored visa can be the third most requested and most simple visa for working. This type of permit can be obtained through meeting with different Saudi Arabian government institutions or their associated personnel at the Embassy during the process of applying and, in addition, less documents from the person who is applying for the sponsorship is required when applying for this kind of sponsorship. The application process is typically completed within one to two business days and is completely free.

4. Family Visit Visa

A family visit visa is very difficult to obtain because it requires documents that establish your relationship with the person you are visiting. You will need birth certificates or marriage certificates if you are visiting grandparents , but more vital than these little details, there has to be a strong bond between two individuals: parent and child; spouse is a crucial factor in obtaining this type of travel document.

5. Visa for Residence

The Residence Visa is designed for people who are looking to relocate or settle in KSA. This kind of document for immigration is only issued by the Ministry of Interior and it’s tied directly to your Iqama card, which means you need an employment-based permit as well. The invitation they send is yellow. Make sure not to hang around for too long before examining what’s on the surface because there are some important details about applicants that should never get lost.

6. Work Visa

Saudi Arabia has a difficult process of obtaining a work visa. The most complex visa requires that you be hired by your employer and receive benefits. This can only be done if the company offers direct hiring. A majority of applicants must go through several recruiting firms before they are assessed for employment.

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