Microsoft Office account for Home and Business tips

Recently Microsoft changed the way they operate Office 365. End users can choose between two kinds of accounts: Home and Business accounts.

Home is usually associated with one person in a true sense. You will need to count all employees in your company if you go to an account for business. So basically home is preferred if not likely to share documents with users outside of your office. A home-based account is ideal if you have several computers in your office. It’s possible to use the same address for each of them. However it is if you only have two or one PC in your office then business is the best option since you will be able to share your folders and files with other users and it will be much easier to control the files and folders.

There are five email addresses in total: each account can contain up to five separate email addresses attached to it. If they are to be used as your primary address for mail, then the first address will always be your primary address, the second one is alternate address and the list goes on. Home accounts don’t allow this feature but commercial accounts do. It is possible to set up the account as a home one and the first email you receive will be your primary. However, all subsequent emails will use the same name of the user as the sender. This can lead to confusion since they might look like they were sent from you even though they were received from a different person within your company.

Limits on size of files: The Home accounts are limited to a size of 20 GB. If you’re dealing with many large files to send then a business account would be the better choice as for each user and every office 365 webmail (Hotmail/Outlook) mailbox, you can have 1TB of storage that is virtually infinite in terms of file size.

The primary function of a home-based account is for sharing emails between yourself and your family members. There aren’t any limitations regarding anything else, except that you are not able to share any files. The business account On the other hand does not have any restrictions on sharing documents. But, it does not allow users to share their emails with other users.

Additional information: Microsoft Live/Outlook/Hotmail accounts can be added up to five users. This means that to set up a new account we must have at minimum two of these accounts. Business accounts do not come with this limitation and can be added as many times as you want.

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