How to decide if a body massage is good for you

Stella body massage uses high-pressure compression to aid recovery. In order to apply pressure intensely on the muscles, practitioners use their elbows, fists, and forearms.

This is a method of deep tissue massage, which is sometimes referred to as myofascial relaxation. It helps relieve tightness and pain in the muscles. This could be everything from whiplash to arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. It can also be beneficial for athletes as well as those recovering from surgery.

Although the pressure can be intense, you will see the results after just a few sessions. A lot of clients notice that they are less dependent on prescription painkillers, and that their range of motion becomes higher after just one session. It’s about getting deep into the muscle and releasing adhesions. They are what cause pain and stiffness.

The toughest part is the hands and forearms, therapists must be very strong to push past all those layers of muscle tissue.

The therapist puts a lot of pressure on the muscle. Sometimes this can be quite painful however, you must get over the initial pain for you to see the outcomes. But the sensation is worth pushing through.

The results are generally quick, so clients report having better sleep and experience less pain when moving around, more ease when they go for moderate exercises or stretching. In addition, they tell me they feel better and have more confidence.

The therapist will use flat palms to massage the muscles. Once muscles are kneaded, the therapist will hold the tissue in place and then go deep into the tissues. You should relax as much as possible. While this massage may cause discomfort, it shouldn’t be enough to cause your muscles feel tight.

However, it’s not an easy fix. Most of Stella’s clients need from 6-8 sessions before feeling the benefits of the massage. When your issue is fixed, you can go on with maintenance sessions as needed.

Stella body massage uses several different techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release to help combat discomfort, fatigue and restricted movement.

The practice is now becoming more commonplace as people realize that they don’t need to live with chronic ailments. Stella massage is a great way to help with temporary problems.

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